Innovating Vaccine Development with our Multivalent Technology Platform

We have developed a proprietary vaccine technology that enables us to design vaccine candidates that contain multiple immunogenic antigens and can be produced in a single and scalable step. Our core innovation lies in our expertise in E. coli-based technologies. A key aspect of our proprietary technological innovation is engineering an E. coli strain to also produce self-adjuvanting vaccine candidates. Our technology has the potential to maximize a vaccine candidate’s potency against the pathogen and provide lasting protection.

Key Advantages

  • Efficiency: Streamlined method for vaccine development, minimizing timelines
  • Simplicity: One-step production process, i.e. from start to finish in vivo within a genetically engineered E. coli
  • Scalability: Scale-up is straightforward and robust, reliably delivering high-quality products
  • Safety: By utilizing a recombinant E. coli host, the need to culture large quantities of pathogenic bacteria is eliminated, ensuring a safer production process
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Cost-efficient alternative to traditional processes