LimmaTech Biologics AG was founded in 2015 in Switzerland and is a privately owned clinical stage biotech company. We research innovative ways of bioengineering complex structures to develop novel pharmaceuticals. With the advent of new technologies and the long-standing experience of its staff, the company is at the forefront of in vivo carbohydrate engineering.

LimmaTech applies its proprietary CustomGlycan Platform to develop novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies with tailored and homogenous glycosylation for maximal and novel effector functions. Our platform technology is applicable to all protein formats and carries the potential to be a game changer in robustness, speed, and cost-efficiency of biologics production. It serves the need for cheaper, reproducible glycosylated biologics production in all indications.

Our lead candidate is a glyco-optimized anti TNF alpha monoclonal antibody addressing inflammatory diseases.

We are seeking partners for co-funding clinical development of our lead therapeutic product and to extending the platform to other targets.

We are also currently conducting a clinical trial in Kenya for a vaccine against Shigella infections in collaboration with GSK and the Wellcome Trust.

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