LimmaTech was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from GlycoVaxyn. We are applying our deep expertise in engineering complex carbohydrate molecules to develop next-generation vaccines to prevent life-threatening diseases. Our proprietary pipeline is focused on diseases with emerging antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

We are currently conducting two Phase I/II clinical trials with our partner, GSK, and are committed to translating novel scientific concepts into commercially available vaccines that benefit humanity.

Ongoing Clinical Trials


We are currently conducting a Phase I/II clinical trial in Kenya of a 4-valent candidate vaccine to help prevent diarrheal disease caused by the Shigella bacteria in children and infants in low and middle-income regions. The Shigella study is conducted in collaboration with GSK and the Wellcome Trust. Link to


We also have a PhaseI/II clinical trial in Germany of a 4-valent candidate vaccine to help prevent Klebsiella infections. We are developing this vaccine candidate in collaboration with GSK. Link to 

If you are participating in either of the above trials, contact your local trial representative. Please do not send any information to us.